Create Technologies

Established 2010

What was the smart idea?

Createc was born out of the development of a number of new technologies, for example N-VisageTM at REACT Engineering and the initial research into the camera technologies used by HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited.

The R3i team realized that the research and development work would be better developed in a separate business with a business model to create and exploit intellectual property either through direct commercialization or by licensing. Createc provides the right environment, culture, facilities and laboratories to sustain and further develop the work started at REACT.

Since its establishment Createc has attracted funding from a number of sources, including work for the Government, has continued the development of the N-VisageTM product, and developed under contract a number of new software tools for HiDef.

Who had the smart idea?

The technology development at REACT was led by Matt Mellor, now the Managing Director of Createc. Matt came from a background in medical engineering and imaging and saw how the technology could be transferred into the nuclear and other markets. The members of the R3i team saw how this would be better leveraged in an independent company, free of the constraints of an engineering consultancy like REACT, which has to work within the necessarily highly constrained environment of the nuclear industry. 

What did the R3i team contribute?

The R3i team has supported the creation of a new business to maximise the business development of the intellectual property associated with the N-Visage™ and aerial surveying technology. The support has included working closely with Createc on the development of the new company, provision of funds to help with cash flow in the early days of the company and general business advice.

How do you measure business success?

The Createc team is now working on a number of different applications for public and private sector clients and the business already employs four people at its new base in Cockermouth. Createc has made overseas contacts and undertaken a trip to the USA with the aim of commercializing the N-VisageTM product. This work is bearing fruit and Createc hopes to undertake its first export order soon.


Contact for further information: mail [at] createc [dot] co [dot] uk or telephone 01900 828112 or via website.

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